2018 Field Day

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The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (A.R.T.S) club is pleased to announce they will once again be participating in the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day which is an annual amateur radio exercise while encouraging emergency communications preparedness. It is the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in the United States, with over 40,000 amateur radio operators participating each year.


Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC (2 PM Eastern Time) Saturday and running through 1800 UTC (2 PM) Sunday.


To determine the effectiveness of the exercise and of each participant's operations, there is an integrated contesting component, and many clubs also engage in concurrent leisure activities (camping out, cookouts, etc.). Operations typically last a continuous twenty-four hours, requiring scheduled relief operators to keep stations on the air. Additional contest points are awarded for experimenting with unusual modes, making contacts via satellite, and involving youth in the activity.


For 2018, A.R.T.S. will be setting up Field Day operations in Group Site Four at Horine Reservation, 12304 Holsclaw Hill Road, Fairdale KY 40118. We plan to set up multiple antennas and use emergency power for the operation of several radio stations during field day activities. These will include operators making radio contacts via Voice, Morse Code and sending Digital Messages.


We also will be making contacts with other Field Day sites using radio signals relayed from satellites. A radio will be set up for first time users to contact other sites, and we will have one or more radio training sessions. 


Your station is invited to observe Field Day Operation between 3 PM Saturday and 2 PM Sunday

For additional information, please contact :

John Miller, KB3QAT

Field Day Safety Officer







Directions to Horine Reservation JMF Group Site 4. I-265 Exit 6. 

South on New Cut. R at traffic circle in Fairdale and right on Mitchell Hill Rd.

 Left on Holsclaw Hill Rd (Sign for Horine section). 

Right on hairpin turn into Horine.

Stay on the road in to Horine. At the main parking lot there is
a gate into the camping area. It is .4 miles to group site 4.
The gate is locked at night. If you plan on coming after dark,
get the combination from someone there. Or walk 4/10 miles.
Bring a flash light. It is real dark there.