Field Day 2013

Field Day 2013 is underway.  We will be holding field day at the same great location in Cherokee Park this year.  COME SEE US!  
On Saturday June 22nd, ARTS Club will begin setting up for Field Day in Cherokee Park around 9:00am local time. Field Day on-air operations begin at 2pm on Saturday and run continuously for 24 hours until 2pm on Sunday.

All are welcome to attend.
Our club policy is that visitors (licensed, and non-licensed) get "first dibs" on all stations, and an experienced operator is always available to work with anyone on and get them on the air and having some fun.

We will be transmitting a live SSTV image beacon from the Field Day site over the W4CN Repeater @ 147.180 Mhz, every 15 minutes. Directions are on the website on how you can receive that image using your own radio at home. Images will also be automatically uploaded to the website and can be viewed there.

At Fox(hidden transmitter) Hunt will be held at 7pm on Saturday at the Field Day site, with a transmitter hidden somewhere in Cherokee Park. Everyone is welcome to participate.

When: Saturday June 22rd - Sunday June 23th.  
Where: Overlook Shelter, Scenic Loop, Cherokee Park, Louisville, Kentucky.
GPS Coordinates: 38.239, -85.702


From I-64: 
The easiest way to get to the site is via I-64 to Exit 8 - Grinstead Drive(turn south/west),  then sharp turn left/east onto Lexington Road, and turn right into the park at Cherokee Park road just past the pond on the right.  At the first intersection in the park, keep to the right and go straight on Cherokee Park Road, the next(second) turn will be Scenic Loop road.  Turn left onto Scenic loop road, and go up the hill, the Gazebo is up at the top of the hill. Note: Scenic Loop is a ONE WAY STREET, and if you go past the location you will need to come back around again by going through the CIRCLE at end of  Eastern Parkway and Cherokee Park road, and going right onto Cherokee Park Road, then right on Willow, then right again on Alexander, and then a final right again once you come to scenic loop again.
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From Bardstown Road:
Go down Eastern parkway towards the park.  Turn left at Willow Avenue.  Turn Right on Alexander Road.  Turn Right again at Scenic Loop.  The Overlook Shelter is at the top of the hill.
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There is parking in all along scenic loop on each side of the hill, in designated parking areas all along the right hand side of the road.   This is a very popular area for park vistors and during peak times parking spots may be limited.  However, there are always people coming and going from the park so hopefully everyone will find spaces.     Note: Keep in mind that Scenic Loop is one-way and if you go all the way around, you have to drive all the way back to the beginning via the Alexander route to get back to the start of the loop.  

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