The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society is Louisville’s oldest ham radio club, founded in 1927.

All club meetings are cancelled until further notice. We will resume meeting after the virus threat has been abated. In the meantime join us for one of the weekly nets on Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. See net schedule below.

Dayton Hamvention Announces Cancelation of 2020 Show


For the first time in its 68-year history, Dayton Hamvention® will not take place this year, due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. The glum news was not entirely unexpected, given widespread cancelations of public gatherings and a national state of emergency. 

Read the story here- http://www.arrl.org/news/dayton-hamvention-announces-cancelation-of-2020-show

The 2020 Dayton Bus trip is now cancelled and we will be returning paid reservations

Pay your 2020 dues on the "Join ARTS Club" page

You could win a 2 Meter Mobile Radio
Yaesu FTM-3200DR 2 Meter Transceiver
65 watts of power, FM Analog and C4FM Digital!

We will start selling raffle tickets for this drawing at our Club meeting on Jan 9th. 
You must be a dues-paid club member for 2020 and be present at a club meeting to purchase a ticket. 
Each ticket requires a $5 donation to the club, limit 2 tickets per person, per meeting. 
The drawing will be held during a monthly club meeting as soon as we sell 30 or more tickets! 
If you are not a member you may join at any of our club meetings. 
Don’t miss out, see you at our meetings!

A Special message from Jim, K4TXJ
Charlie Bailey, W4OXX, (SK), was the last living original member
of the original ARTS club.  He was not a founding member.  The club was founded
in 1927 and he was not licensed until 1949.  He was the last member of the original
ARTS club before the LARO club took over the ARTS club.
The original ARTS club was about to be defunct when Paul and a few of us
LARO ( Louisville Active Radio Operators) members voted to rescue the ARTS club and
bring it to life again.  This was around 1972,  We met with the remaining ARTS members
and presented the proposed to them and they voted to accept the proposal and then we
revised the By-Laws and the ARTS club was active again.
Charlie was the last ARTS member alive until his death.  Paul and I have been to old ARTS
meetings but never joined the original club.  I was 15 years old when I attended a meeting
at the old Mayflower on Ormsby St. as a guest of J.B. Wathen, W4BA, (SK), and I liked the
meeting, but the dues were rather high for a teenager so I never applied.
The meetings were dinner meetings and always had a speaker.
I think there were about 74 members when I attended.
Paul had been there also at different times.
That is one story about the clubs rich history.  I wish I had been a member of the
original club.  The DVD I have of the old field day activities is really great.  
Jim, K4TXJ

****NEW Page****
PDF slides on Bill's, Yaesu System Fusion Presentation during the November meeting.

A BIG thank you to Humana
for the gift of six laptop computers that will be used for 
field day and club communications!

Reminder - Our Monthly Meetings 
are on the second THURSDAY of each month

Please remember your 2020 dues are now due!
Go to "Join ARTS Club" page to pay using PayPal

There are several weekly ARTS Club nets we sponsor,  2 Meter Retiree, 2 Meter Club and a 2 Meter SSB. The purpose of these nets is primarily for amateurs to get to know one another better and by providing a forum for the exchange of information. These nets are open to all amateurs; you DO NOT have to be a member to check in. 


The weekly Retiree Net of the ARTS club is held every Wednesday at 09:30 a.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.

The weekly Club Net of the ARTS club is held every Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.
The weekly 2 Meter SSB (USB) net of the ARTS club is held every Thursday night at 9:05 p.m. EDT / EST on 144.205 MHz USB.
9:30 AM Net Control Operator
8:30 PM Net Control Operator 
9:05 PM Net Control Operator 
           KM4IX   Linda 
Retiree Net Script
Analof FM Net Script

SSB Net Script


Up Coming 2020 Events

Don't forget the weekly social gathering,

 Monday morning breakfast at Frisch's Restaurant  

8-10 am, 6510 Signature Dr. Louisville KY, 40213 

Join us on THURSDAY March 12 at 7:30

for our monthly meeting 

Program - Test Equipment and Time Domain Reflectometer

Cancelled as the J-Town FD has closed the building to all meetings

Join us on THURSDAY April 9 at 7:30

for our monthly meeting 

Program - To be Announced 
Cancelled as the J-Town FD has closed the building to all meetings

Jeffersontown Fire Department, 4318 Taylorsville Road