The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society is Louisville’s oldest ham radio club, founded in 1927.

All in person club meetings are cancelled until further notice. We will be meeting via Zoom for the next several months. In the meantime join us for one of the weekly nets on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. See net schedule below.

See the Donations page for our newest HT donations that are for sale. 

Pay your 2021 dues on the "Join ARTS Club" page

Reminder - Our Monthly Meetings 
are on the second THURSDAY of each month

We will be meeting on Zoom, so get your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone software updated so you can join the meeting. Be sure to register with Bill, KC4ZMZ if you wish to participate in our meetings

Please remember your 2021 dues are now due!
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There are several weekly ARTS Club nets we sponsor,  80 Meter Club, 2 Meter Retiree, 2 Meter Club and a 2 Meter SSB. The purpose of these nets is primarily for amateurs to get to know one another better and by providing a forum for the exchange of information. These nets are open to all amateurs; you DO NOT have to be a member to check in. 

Tuesday 7:30 PM EST/EDT
10 Meter SSB Club Net - 28.363 MHz USB

Wednesday 9:30 AM EST/EDT
Retiree Club Net
On the Club Repeater at 147.180 + 600 KHz offset, PL 79.7

Thursday 8:30 PM EST/EDT
Thursday Analog FM - VHF Club Net 
On the Club Repeater at 147.180 + 600 KHz offset, PL 79.7

Thursday 9:05 PM EST/EDT
Thursday SSB Club Net 
144.205 MHz USB