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February 9, 2018


ARTS Club Meeting Minutes (corrected)


Treasurers Report was presented by Marc. Current Balance is 7,138.01.


23 members have paid dues including 7 who paid at the meeting. Vernon Nunn has renewed so he can use Club Call for his activity.


Annual Report to the KY Secretary of State is complete and included changing the listed agent and address. Don Hoover's information was replaced with Alan's contact info.


The Fusion Repeater Insurance Policy has been renewed.  Marc will send a copy of the policy to Ted.


The Bus Trip information will be sent to KYHAM web master. John will forward the information. Robert will make sure the Bowling Green group also has the information.


Three Silent Key Ham's were reported by Jim Vaughan.

  • 2/7/18, Joe Miller, K4DZM passed away in Lexington
  • 2/4/18, Charlie E. Bailey, W4OXX, first licensed in 1949 and was the last of the Original ARTS Club Founding Members. He was the Coordinator for the Naval Ordinance Radio Club
  • 2/8/18, Charles R Keeton, KC4RK


The club has reserved Horine, Group Site 4 from Friday Noon 6/22 through Monday Noon 6/24. for Field Day 2018.


Winter Field Day contacts points were up for 2018, although SSB and CW contacts were down from 2017. Digital and Satellite were up which made the final points total higher this year. We could of used additional operators during field day.


Alan reminded the group of the upcoming activities for 2018

  • Last weekend in June is Field Day 2018
  • August is Island QSO and we will probably go to Shippingsport. The group will need a port-o-let as there are no facilities at the site.
  • September is Hamfest.
  • October is Jamboree On The Air
  • We may explore additional Scout and Explorer activity during June Field Day
  • Derby activity is another possibility.
  • Monthly education topics are to be planned for each meeting, Including;
    • Digital Modes
    • Satellite Communications
    • HF Radio (Topic TBD)
    • DX Planning


Western KY DX Association will not sponsor QSO Party this year.  In 2017 there were only 17 KY Counties (out of the 120 KY Counties) that sent in Logs. The association felt that there was not enough KY participation for them to continue to host he QSO Party. Jim V. posed the question the the club to see of there was any interest in taking over this activity. All members present voted to decline this activity.



Bill presented a WIRES-X demonstration. The information on WIRES X is from the web page at https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/index.php.  If the club sets up a node, the system would allow access through our repeater to the internet and on to nodes all over the world and then to radio space from the distant node.


Setting up a node would require a radio, coax, antenna, power supply, HRI-200 interface, computer and internet connection. approximate cost is 600 dollars and a location within reasonable distance of the repeater. Additional information on Wires-X can be found on the YSESU web page at http://systemfusion.yaesu.com/wires%20x/ 


Bill will put together a detail price proposal for the March Meeting


Meeting Adjourned 8:50 PM


Respectfully Submitted

John Miller, KB3QAT

Acting Secretary

2/9/2018 Meeting Attendees

Name                          Call                          ARTS    ARRL

John Miller                  KB3QAT                 Y            Y

Jim Vaughan               K4TXJ                     Y            Y

Bill Tooley                  K4QFE                    Y            Y

Robert L Smith          KF4TYF                  Y            Y

Ted Sims                     AI4LV                     Y            Y

Edward Hall                K4EDH                   -              Y

Alan Tooley                KF4EFI                    Y            Y

Bill Shive                    KC4ZMZ                 Y            Y

Marc Field                   KG4FJR                   Y            Y

Gerald Kelly               N9FQF                     Y            Y

Dave Rees                   W4DFR                   Y            Y        

Dan Preisler                 KF2HP                     Y            Y

Gary White                 WA0ASA

Doug Logsdon            KR4XG                   Y           

Paul Schrader              N4XM                      Y            Y

Linda Sparks               KM4IX

Paul Link                     KA4MKT

ol1 k41