December 2017

Board at work December 8, 2017

Alan, made a list and is checking it twice

Everyone here, has got to be nice!

Meeting started with the REPEATER 50/50 RAFFLE which was won by Dave,  W4DFR. $11 to the club.

Intros around the room. 16 present.
Robert L. Smith KF4TYF 
Greg Gawron WX8V 
Edward Hall K4EDH 
Dave Rees W4DFR 
Bill Shive Jr KC4ZMZ 
Marc Feld KG4FJR 
Paul Schrader N4XM 
Gerald Kelley N9FQF 
Bob Bauer KC4HM 
Jim Vaughan K4TXJ 
Bill Tooley K4QFE 
Alan Tooley KF4EFI 
John Miller KB3QAT 
Paul Link KA4MKT 
Dylan Lear KJ4YX
Sidney Roseberry KK4EBB 

Ill or SK reported
Chris Keyton KC4RK is asking for help setting up a HF antenna. Club will donate a G5RV from the FD boxes. Discussion when to meet to do the work. Probably a Saturday morning 9~noon. K4TXJ will go to site first to scope what is needed and report back.

KE4JBH, Brandenburg, passed away. This is the father of a LMFD operator Christie who asked in person if the club would be interested in helping her mom dispose of station equipment. John KB3QAT passed along contact info.

NET CONTROL signups:
147.18+ FM / PL 79.7 144.205 USB VERT 147.18+ FM / PL 79.7
DATE Thursdays 8:30 PM Thursdays 9:05 PM 
Dec 21 W4DFR KC4ZMZ 
Dec 28 WX8V WX8V 

Bill, K4QFE will be Net Control on the Wednesday Retiree Net

- Club meeting Minutes from Nov. were read.
- Treasurer synopsis was given. 
- Pres. Alan discussed / announced:

o The club wants to do US-Islands QSO party in Aug 2018. Alan hopes there is some commitment for 2018. We were first place in 2016 but no participation occurred in 2017.
o Solicit the membership for ideas for programs / learning topics for upcoming meetings.

- Other discussion / announcements:

o Jim K4TXJ asked if there’s any interest in having a speaker for a non-radio subject. Need a vote.
o Sidney Clay Roseberry, KK4EBB is looking for help setting his up radio / antenna. He was asked to bring in the user manuals in order to identify what he has.
o Repeater Wires –X proposal was explained by Bill, KC4ZMZ, complete with board drawings. An example of hooking up W4CN/R (147.18) to an existing network in Louisville was shown. There are 4 repeaters currently linked: Two in Oldham (147, 440), one on Floyd Knobs (440), one near downtown (440). These are linked via a room named “CQ-LOUISVILLE-2”. (A room is like a conference hub in the cloud.) The entire world has access and could link to this room as well, at any time. The status of rooms is listed on various sites, found by googling ‘wires-x node list’. By setting up a gateway node (cost proposal given above), the W4CN/R could be included. It could be set up such that the existing four repeaters will require the use of digital (DN) mode, as they are now, to be heard on the entire network, while W4CN/R could be set to require analog mode to be heard on the entire network of five local repeaters (as well as by connecting to said room by anyone via internet). This way, the club repeater would still be usable as always, for nets, etc., with analog, while being linked to more repeaters locally. This is, in effect, a way to get satellite repeater expansion sites easily. When any of the other four repeaters are accessed with analog, they will not be heard on the network. Likewise, when someone uses DN mode on the W4CN/R, it would not be heard on the other four. This way, forexample, the 147.39 Crestwood repeater can continue to have their (analog) Mondaynight net without causing a disturbance. If anyone wants to check into the Thursday night ARTS club FM net using DN mode, they can via one of the other 4 localrepeaters (or using a hotspot at home to the said room). The users on W4CN/R wouldhear the participant in analog, because the Wires-X system converts it.A vote is proposed for January meeting to proceed with this project.A comment was made perhaps the net should start a round-table discussion topic in order to foster more discussion and participation. Especially if there is the ability tolink and expand coverage, and encourage those interested in DN mode to join.

III. Program:
White Elephant gift exchange occurred. Those that brought gifts could participate. Tickets wereissued. Random participants were drawn from the hat to dictate the order of picking a remaining present. You touch it you take it.

Jim - K4TXJ
A Gift Card for ARRL

Marc - KG4FJR
A Set of Speakers

Paul - N4XM
A CW Memory Keyer

Dave - W4DFR
A Remote Speaker 

Robert - KC4HM
A New Antenna
Bill - K4QFE
A Baoefeng HT
Greg - WX8V
Stereo Head Phones
Alan - KF4EFI
A Screwdriver set
Paul - KA4MKT
Digital Multi-meter
Sorry - Picture not available, webmaster took a very bad photo

And the gift was a battery terminal multi tap for your go box.

John - KB3QAT
A Radio Power Supply


Respectfully submitted,
Greg Gawron, WX8V
Secretary, ARTS