November 2017 Meeting

Club Meeting:
REPEATER 50/50 RAFFLE Won by KF4TYF. $16 to the club.

Intros around the room. 17 present. (see appendix A).

SKs or ill reported
    Linda KM4IX is cancer free.
    Greg Sheehan is reported to have contracted some type of chronic illness.

NET CONTROL signups:
147.18+ FM / PL 79.7 144.205 USB VERT 147.18+ DIGITAL 147.18+ FM / PL 79.7

Wednesdays 10AM K4QFE

Thursdays 8:30 PM FM, Thursdays 9:05 PM SSB
Nov 16 KM4IX KM4IX (proposed)
Nov 23 No net No net (Thanksgiving Day)
Nov 30 AI4LV KF4EFI 
Dec 7 WX8V WX8V 

- On Dec 4, the KY4XX (KYANA DX ASSN.) annual dinner. All invited.
- Club meeting Minutes from Aug, Oct. were read and approved as corrected.

- Pres. Alan discussed / announced:

o Move meeting off of Friday. Monday is the only available for McMahon. Week 1,3,4 may be available for non-Monday nights.  An informal poll was taken of the members present. Preference rank is Thurs, Tues, Friday, Monday, Wed.

o Repeater. There is virtually no squelch tail. Ted intends to lengthen from 300mS to 750ms.

o Winter Field day to be held at Fairdale FH#2. Info coming on web page. 2 stations planned (class 2I). SSB and CW/DIGITAL. Digital mode FT8 suggested. Date: Jan 27, 28, 2018. Computers may use mains; check rules. For 2017, W4CN was 16 of 77
for class 2I. Alan will supply food.

o Reserving Site G4, Horine for summer 2018 FD.

- Other discussion / announcements:

o Santa net. Nov 24~Dec 24, 7:30 CDT on 3916. Info is on

o Any interest on having member profiles on web page? It would be bio, only, and no equipment. Similar to what’s seen on Webmaster John will pursue. (Note: Webmaster’s report is Appendix B below.)

o Repeater: Discussed about implementing a WIRES-X node. Would cost ~$800 to set up a station. Bill KC4ZMZ offered to partially sponsor. Would enable digital/analogue simultaneously. Bill presented about the present WIRES-X linked presently on four Louisville repeaters (443.3, 442.625, 147.39, 145.28). Bill KC4ZMZ will present cost breakdown in a future meeting.

o Dues payable 1st meeting in January! Can use PayPal.

o Next month is White Elephant exchange, radio related, <$25 ish.

III. Program:
No formal program.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Gawron, WX8V

Robert L. Smith, KF4TYF 
Greg Gawron, WX8V 
Edward Hall, K4EDH 
Dave Rees, W4DFR 
Bill Shive Jr, KC4ZMZ 
Marc Feld, KG4FJR 
Paul Schrader, N4XM 
Linda Sparks, KM4IX
Bob Bauer, KC4HM 
Jim Vaugn K4TXJ 
Bill Tooley, K4QFE 
Alan Tooley, KF4EFI 
John Miller, KB3QAT 
Dan Pressler, KF2HP 
Gary White, WA4UNW 
Ted Sims, AI4LV N Y
Paul Link, KA4MKT 

Appendix B –
Webmaster's Report
October 13, 2017 Webmasters Report
The W4CN.ORG Welcome Page appears cluttered and contains duplicated information and information that may be better presented on other pages.
Welcome Page Recommendation:
1. Event information is presented on the following pages; Welcome, Club Events and Calendar
. All dates with minimal information goes on the Calendar
. Detail continues on the Welcome Page under "Up Coming 2017 Events"
. Delete the Club Events Page
2. Duplicate information on the club is on the Welcome Page and on the About Us Page
. Delete duplicate information from Welcome Page
. Consolidate information on the About Us Page
3. Ham Radio News, Propagation and Ham Contests may be better served on a separate page
. Create New Page - "Ham Radio News" containing Ham Radio News and Propagation
. Move Ham Contests to the top of the Contesting Page
. New page will be in the first position in the About Ham Radio
4. Move McMahan Fire Department and Meeting information to the About Us Page
5. Keep ARTS Club Sponsored Weekly Nets on the Welcome Page
6. Delete Amateur License Testing from the page as it already is on another page
7. Delete ARTS Club Calendar the page as it already is on another page Club Services Page Recommendation:
8. Move information to the About Us Page
9. Delete Club Services Page W4CN Repeater Page - W4CN Repeater Auto Feed - Does Not Work. When I go to, their site shows our repeater offline.
10. ARTS Gear - Are we supposed to have something to purchase from CaffePress.Com?
11. Is the following event correct?
Every December the ARTS club celebrates the holiday season it’s own little way… A
WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE! Each person brings one wrapped radio related
gift and takes home another. Sometimes the gifts are cool, sometimes they’re funny and
sometimes it’s just plain sad. BUT,… It’s never boring! Gift exchange starts at 7:30pm
12. Has the repeater change been completed?
13. Who is responsible for answering the questions to the board as submitted by the Contact Us Form from our web page? And how do the rest of us know who has taken the lead on the email?