October 2017 Meeting

Presenting the Treasurer's Report

Taking a break between the Board and Regular Meetings  
Talking things over

Club meeting came to order at 19:32


Alan T won the 50/50 Raffle and donated the winnings back to the club.


Linda reported that she is now Cancer FREE! and celebrated as the members gave her a round of applause.


Gerald is back to normal activities after having a stent placed.  Glad to have you here!


Old Business;

The repeater change is scheduled for Wednesday October 18th. Bill will be at the Audubon ER Security Desk at 6:30 on Wednesday for those  club members interested in participating in seeing the repeater and observing the Mode Select change and reducing the Squelch Tail setting.


Kentucky QSO Party is November 11th 9 am Eastern to 9 PM Eastern Time


Winter Field Day is January 27 & 28.


New Business;

Net Control for the following Dates were set.

Retiree Net - 10:00 AM

10/18   Bill      K4QFE

10/25   Bill      K4QFE

11/01   Bill      K4QFE

11/08   Bill      K4QFE


Club Net - 8:30 PM (Analog)

10/19   Bill      KC4ZMZ

10/26   Linda   KM4IX

11/02   Marc    KC4FJR

11/09   Alan    KF4EFI


2 Meter SSB Upper Club Net - 9:05 PM (Analog)

10/19   Bill      KC4ZMZ

10/26   Linda   KM4IX

11/02   Robert  KF4TYF

11/09   Alan    KF4EFI



Nominations for Officers and Board were opened by Alan.  After discussion when no new nominations were presented, the nominations were closed and the current officers  and 2016-2017 board were elected by acclimation.

President               Alan Tooley                KF4EFI     2018

Vice President       Eddie Hall                   K4EDH     2018

Secretary               Greg Gawron              WX8V      2018

Treasurer               Marc Feld                    KG4FJR    2018

Board                    Jim Vaughan               K4TXK     2018-2019

Board                    Ted Sims                     AI4LV      2018-2019

Board                    Robert Smith               KF4TYF   2018-2019

Board                    Bill Tooley                  K4QFE     2018-2019

Two Board Members and the Past President will continue in their present position.

Board                    Bob Bauer                   KC4HM    2017-2018

Board                    Bill Shive, Jr                KC4ZMZ 2017-2018

Past President       Don Hoover                WS4E



Dan KF2HP, brought his new UTC/Local Time/Timer project to share with the club.  Dan stated that he has in the past used two wall clocks for UTC and Local Time and had to keep track of ten minute intervals for station identifications.


Recently he experimented with an Arduino micro processor to give him better control of time display and a timer for Station ID.


Dan assembled the following for the project;

·         Arduino

·         GPS Shield

·         I2C interface (uses Clock and Data Lead)

·         LCD for UTC Time Display

·         LCD for Local Time Display

·         LCD for a 10 minute count down time display

·         Switch for timer reset

·         LED goes on when GPS time acquired and then flashes when timer gets to zero.

·         Buzzer for timer (buzzes when timer gets to zero)

·         5 Volt Power Supply

·         Plastic box

The GPS gets time information from satellites in synchronous orbit which the Arduino then uses to display time and timer information on the displays. Dan said the hardest part was determining which Arduino Library programs to use and to get the I2C set correctly for the three LCD units.

The presentation was well received by the group.  John will work with Dan to get his design up on the W4CN web site.


Bill, KC4ZMZ demonstrated his openSPOT, a standalone digital radio IP gateway / hotspot.

Supports DMR (Brandmeister, DMRplus), D-Star (DCS, REF/DPlus, XRF/DExtra, XLX) and System Fusion (FCS, YSFReflector) networks.

You can talk with a C4FM radio on DMR, and with your DMR radio on System Fusion networks

Works without a computer. No additional hardware required.

Web interface for configuration and monitoring.

The 70 cm unit is about 239 dollars.

During the demo Bill talked to Chris KC4CFX in Raleigh NC. The connection was through the World Talk Group. Bill said there are various talk groups that can be logged into, depending on one's interest.

Other vendors have similar units including a DB4 Mini for about 125 dollars.


The group discussed the noisy AC line at Fairdale Fire House. Linda will ask her son to check this noise to see if it is in the LG&E transformer serving the firehouse

Meeting Adjourned at 8:43 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

John Miller, Acting Secretary


 A little time for meeting with old and new friends

Meeting Attendees


October 13, 2017  Webmasters Report


The W4CN.ORG Welcome Page appears cluttered and contains duplicated information and information that may be better presented on other pages. All Recommendations Approved by the Board



Welcome Page Recommendation:

    1. Event information is presented on the following pages; Welcome, Club Events and Calendar
      • All dates with minimal information goes on the Calendar
      • Detail continues on the Welcome Page under "Up Coming 2017 Events"
      • Delete the Club Events Page
    2. Duplicate information on the club is on the Welcome Page and on the About Us Page
      • Delete duplicate information from Welcome Page
      • Consolidate information on the About Us Page
    3. Ham Radio News, Propagation and Ham Contests may be better served on a separate page
      • Create New Page - "Ham Radio News" containing Ham Radio News and Propagation
      • Move Ham Contests to the top of the Contesting Page
      • New page will be in the first position in the About Ham Radio
    4. Move McMahan Fire Department and Meeting information to the About Us Page
    5. Keep ARTS Club Sponsored Weekly Nets on the Welcome Page
    6. Delete Amateur License Testing from the page as it already is on another page
    7. Delete ARTS Club Calendar the page as it already is on another page


Club Services Page Recommendation:

    1. Move information to the About Us Page
    2. Delete Club Services Page


W4CN Repeater Page - W4CN Repeater Auto Feed - Does Not Work. When I go to Broadcastify.com, their site shows our repeater offline. Check with Don Hoover



    1. ARTS Gear - Are we supposed to have something to purchase from CaffePress.Com? - Not Required as we do not need this link
    2. Is the following event correct? - Yes

Every December the ARTS club celebrates the holiday season it’s own little way… A WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE! Each person brings one wrapped radio related gift and takes home another. Sometimes the gifts are cool, sometimes they’re funny and sometimes it’s just plain sad. BUT,… It’s never boring! Gift exchange starts at 7:30pm


    1. Has the repeater change been completed? No, scheduled for the 18th
    2. Who is responsible for answering the questions to the board as submitted by the Contact Us Form from our web page? And how do the rest of us know who has taken the lead on the email? Check with Greg