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08/11/2017 Meeting

Alan, Eddi, Greg and Bill open the meeting

Discussion during the board meeting

General Meeting Attendees 

II. Club Meeting:8/11/2017
REPEATER 50/50 RAFFLE Won by KF4EFI. who donated the $17 to the club.
Intros around the room. 18 present.


Robert L. Smith, KF4TYF

Greg Gawron, WX8V

Edward Hall, K4EDH

Dave Rees, W4DFR

Bill Shive Jr, KC4ZMZ

Marc Feld, KG4FJR

Paul Schrader, N4XM

Linda Sparks, KM4IX

Bob Bauer, KC4HM

Jin Vaugn, K4TXJ

Bill Tooley, K4QFE

Alan Tooley, KF4EFI

John Miller, KB3QAT

Dan Pressler, KF2HP

Gary White, WA4UNW

Gerald Kelley, N9FQF

Lee Stead, KB4BVP

Ted Sims, AI4LV

SKs reported - None.
NET CONTROL signups:

147.18+ FM / PL 79.7 144.205 USB VERT 50.2 USB HORIZ 147.18+ FM / PL 79.7
DATE Thursdays 8:30 PM Thursdays 9:05 PM Sun? 8 pm Wednesdays 10AM
Aug 17 KM4IX KM4IX
Aug 24 WX8V KF4TYF
Aug 31 W4DFR KM4IX

- Club meeting Minutes were read and approved.
- Treasurer gave a synopsis.
- Pres. Alan discussed / announced:
    o Dayton bus will be reserved and announced on web page. Tickets will be $40/head. Possibility to have callsign of paid heads on web page.

    o Repeater. Ted gave synopsis of digital / analogue mixed operation. Announcement that ARTS is going to set up for digital TX as well, will be made. The web page and Facebook will outline how it works and the advice to use tone squelch on the users end. Will be able to undo mixed mode if any strong objections occur. Ted will go up to enable after webpage notification. No cost; menu selection only.
    o UsIslands QSO party. Will be moved to Shippingport Is. after checking with Lockmaster.

    o GLHF is Sep 9. There will be a QSL card contest. Bring your card. Also, a contest for station photo’s, good/bad. Forums occur all morning, till 1 pm. Tailgating. Vendors. $7 tickets in advance. $8 door. concessions. Conference center rented till 2020.

    o Friday night Sep 8 is ‘Oldtimers’ dinner at Logans on Dixie Hwy. ~6 pm.

    o John KB3QAT is web master now. Much appreciated.
    o Solar Eclipse QSO party. See article in Aug ’17 QST. N1MM, N3FJP, etc, VHF contest software will work because the exchange will require grid square out to 6 places. Don’t look at sun.

    o Oct. is elections. At least two directors are up. Nov is regular meeting with a program. Dec. is white elephant exchange. (It should be radio based, and under $25)

III. Program:
No formal program.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Gawron, WX8V
Secretary, ARTS

John Miller,
Aug 11, 2017, 7:25 PM
John Miller,
Aug 11, 2017, 7:25 PM
John Miller,
Aug 11, 2017, 7:26 PM