W4CN Repeater (new)

W4CN Repeater Changes Completed on October 18th

W4CN Repeater

 Repeater Owner:  Amateur Radio Transmitting Society of Louisville

Repeater Type:  Yaesu System Fusion, with Automatic Mode Select (AMS) enabled

Modes Supported: Analog FM and C4FM Digital

Frequency: 147.180 MHz

Offset: + 600 KHz

PL Tone Squelch on Analog FM: 79.7 Hz

PL Tone Transmitted on Analog FM: 79.7 Hz

Echolink Node #: 425970 (FM Analog Only)

Wires-X Enabled:  Yes (Digital Signals Only)

Wires-X Home Room: CQ-Louisville     (DTMF 21014)

You may navigate to other Wires-X rooms just note that the repeater will automatically return to the CQ-Louisville Room after about 30 minutes.

Trustee: Jim K4TXJ

Maintenance: Ted AI4LV, Paul KA4MKT, Alan KF4EFI, Bill KC4ZMZ

About the repeater

The W4CN repeater system is made up of a main receiver/transmitter/voter site located at Norton Audubon Hospital. The main hospital site is equipped with emergency backup generators which activate automatically during a power outage.

The W4CN repeater system is coordinated through the South-Eastern Repeater Association (SERA). 

The Site



The main site is located at an elevation of 504 ft above sea level (not including the building or tower) and can be seen from Poplar Level rd at Norton Audubon Hospital.