W4CN Echolink

W4CN Echolink


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The W4CN Echolink system is currently located at the home of, and maintained by Ted Sims AI4LV. The equipment consists of an Alinco DR-1200T 2 meter data radio, a WB2REM Ultimate Linking Interface and a home computer running Echolink and EchoProducer (for the voice announcements). The radio is connected to an Opek UVS-300 VHF/UHF vertical antenna on a roof tripod at about 20 feet.



(1) Echolink node connect                             

enter node number and unkey

(2) Echolink disconnect                                  


If more than one node is connected, it disconnects the node that connected last.



(3) Disconnect all                                           



      (4) Echolink status                                         


(5) Echolink connect by call sign

(In general, it is much easier to look up the Node Number on the internet, and connect by just entering the node number as in (1) above.     

C + call + #


(6) Echolink query by call                

This looks up the Node Number from the Call Sign


07 + call + #


(7) Echolink query by node

This looks up the Call Sign from the Node Number                    


06 + num


Entering Node Numbers

To enter a node number (for the Connect or Query by Node commands), enter the 4-, 5-, or 6-digit node number. If the specified node is not among the stations currently logged on, EchoLink will say "NOT FOUND".


 Entering Callsigns

To enter a callsign (for the Connect by Call or Query by Call commands), press two digits for each letter and number in the callsign. The first digit is the key on which the letter appears (using 1 for Q and Z), and the second digit is 1, 2, or 3, to indicate which letter is being entered. To enter a digit, press the digit followed by 0. When finished, end with the pound key (#).

For example, the letter "K" is entered as "52", the letter "Q" is entered as "11", and the digit "7" is entered as "70".

Callsigns need not be entered in full. If a partial callsign is entered, EchoLink will find the first match among the stations currently logged on. If no match is found among the stations currently logged on, EchoLink will say "NOT FOUND".