Winter Field Day 2019

Thanks to the Hams who worked Winter Field Day at Fairdale Fire Department Station Two.

Saturday  and Sunday
Greg - WX8V, Dave - W4DFR, John - KB3QAT, Robert - KF4TYF, Eddie - K4EDH, Bill - KC4ZMZ, James - KJ4YIG, Cameron - KG5MRB

Paul - M4XM, Linda - KM4IX,  Dustin, (with his wife and three daughters) One of his girls helped make a digital contact

Joe - KB4BB, Barney - K5BWJ, Rita - KA4CBF, Paul - KA4MKT, 

Saturday morning began clear and cold with crews setting up two antennas and two operating stations.  Greg led the crew to set up the stations inside while Bill, Dave and John worked to set up the antennas.

Bill brought his Off Center Fed Dipole "Windom" antenna, that was set up South to North between three trees. The balun was hoisted to the center tree with the 90 foot leg heading South and the 160 foot leg heading to the North. Dave used his recently built air cannon to launch a puck over the top of each tree. The puck was attached to Bill's fishing pole so a 300 pound test, cord could be pulled up and over the tree. Then a 1/8" nylon cord was pulled up and over. This line was attached to the end insulator of the antenna. A similar launch, retrieval and line pull was used for each end and the center Balun.  Dave and Bill have this method down pat!

The second antenna is an end fed 80 meter, 1/2 wave long wire antenna that was set up North-East to South-West. The North East end was pulled to the top of a tree to the north side of the driveway and the "end fed" end was pulled up to the edge of the building roof. The anchor line went over the roof to a tree on the south side of the building. Both antennas, coax and operating stations were up and ready by 1 PM

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