Winter Field Day 2020

Winter Field Day January 25 and 26, 2020 began at 9 AM on Saturday morning. The weather was clear with daytime temperature in the 40's. We unloaded trucks and started setting up our two stations and two antenna systems. Greg led the crew to set up the stations inside while Bill, Dave Mike, Eddie and John worked to set up the antennas.

Bill brought his Off Center Fed Dipole "Windom" antenna, that was set up South to North between three trees. The balun was hoisted to the center tree with the short leg heading South and the long leg heading to the North. Dave used his air cannon to launch a puck over each tree. The puck was attached to Bill's fishing pole so a cord could be pulled up and over the tree. Then a 1/8" nylon cord was pulled up and over. This line was attached to the end insulator of the antenna. A similar launch, retrieval and line pull was used for each end and the center Balun.  For the second year in a row, Dave and Bill have this method down pat!

John brought the club's vertical antenna, He and Eddie worked to set this antenna and four guy ropes in the small patch of grass in front of the fire house. This antenna was connected to the CW station with LM-400 Coax.

Later in the day, Bill set up his twin Egg Beater Antennas and a station to work Satellite contacts. He was not successful with the Egg Beaters as the available passes were too low and were behind the fire station. On Sunday, the team replaced the Egg Beaters with an Arrow Antenna and a human Azimuth and Elevation (A&E) rotator to make a successful Satellite Contact. 

Bill worked the radio and the PC which provided the satellite A&E. He relayed the A&E to Greg via HT radios. Greg juggled the Arrow Antenna, his HT radio and his cell phone which was running a compass app. Greg was successful in tracking the Satellite while Bill completed a good contact.

Many Thanks to our operators, as well as the club members and visitors who came out to make our field day operations successful.

WFD 2020