The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society is Louisville’s oldest ham radio club, founded in 1927.

A BIG thank you to Humana
for the gift of six laptop computers that will be used for 
field day and club communications!

Reminder - Our Monthly Meetings 
are on the second THURSDAY of each month

2019-2020 - Officers and Board of Directors

 PositionNameCall Term 
 PresidentAlan Tooley KF4EFI2019
 Vice PresidentEddie HallK4EDH 2019
 SecretaryGreg GawronWX8V2019
 TreasurerGerald Kelly N9FQF2019
 BoardDave ReesW4DFR2019-2020
 BoardBill Shive, JrKC4ZMZ2019-2020
 BoardBill Tooley 
 BoardTed Sims AI4LV 2018-2019
 BoardRobert Smith KF4TYF 2018-2019
 BoardJim Vaughan 
 Past PresidentDon Hoover WS4E 

Please remember your 2019 dues are now due!

33 Members 2018
Alan KF4EFI, Allan W4AIM, Barney K5BWJ, Bill K4QFE, Bill KC4ZMZ, Daniel KF2HP, Dave W4DFR, Don WS4E, Doug KR4XG, 
Dylan KJ4YXY, Ed K4EDH, Glen KE4KY, Gregory WX8V, James KJ4YIG, Jim K4TXJ, John KB3QAT, Ken N/A, Linda KM4IX, 
Marc KG4FJR, Michael KM4BKR, Mike N/A, Nancy KK4DU, Paul KA4MKT, Paul N4XM, Ray K4ZGV, Rickey KC4S, 
Robert K4AZ, Robert KC4HM, Robert KF4TYF, Stephen WA4VKF, Ted AI4LV, Vernon N4UL

ARTS Club Sponsored Weekly Nets

There are several weekly ARTS Club nets we sponsor,  2 Meter Retiree, 2 Meter Club and a 2 Meter SSB. The purpose of these nets is primarily for amateurs to get to know one another better and by providing a forum for the exchange of information. These nets are open to all amateurs; you DO NOT have to be a member to check in. 


The weekly Retiree Net of the ARTS club is held every Wednesday at 09:30 a.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.

The weekly Club Net of the ARTS club is held every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.
The weekly 2 Meter SSB (USB) net of the ARTS club is held every Wednesday night at 9:05 p.m. EDT / EST on 144.205 MHz USB.

9:30 AM Net Control Operator

8:30 PM Net Control Operator 
9:05 PM Net Control Operator 
July 17             KM4IX   Linda  K4EFI Alan K4EFI Alan
July 24             KM4IX   Linda  KM4IX   Linda
KM4IX   Linda
July  31           KM4IX   Linda  KM4IX   Linda KM4IX Linda
August 7          KM4IX   Linda 
KC4ZMZ  Bill
KM4IX   Linda


Up Coming 2019 Events

Don't forget the weekly social gathering,

 Monday morning breakfast at Frisch's Restaurant  

8-10 am, 6510 Signature Dr. Louisville KY, 40213 

Join us on THURSDAY August 8 at 7:30

for our monthly meeting 

Program - Bonding and Grounding

Jeffersontown Fire Department, 4318 Taylorsville Road

Note this is the same room we always meet in, Just the day of the week has changed


Join us on THURSDAY September 12 
Logan's Road House on Dixie Highway
Starting about 6:30 for social period, 
Dinner will be at 7:30
Spouse, partner or significant other is invited.