The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society is Louisville’s oldest ham radio club, founded in 1927.

Please remember your 2018 dues are due 01/01/2018
You can pay them here or at the next meeting

DID YOU KNOW! For Winter Field Day 2017, W4CN is ranked 16th out of 77 reporting clubs. Come out and help improve our ranking for 2018 

Get ready for WFD 2018
Starting at 2 PM EST on January 27, through 2PM on January 28
We will set up a SSB station and a CW/Digital Station.
Be sure to bone up on Digital Modes!
Fairdale Fire Department Station Two
7940 Old Third Street Road
(Outer Loop and 3rd St.) 

Sign up here if you plan to participate

December Happenings at ARTS
December 2017
See what Dave won here

DID YOU KNOW! For Field Day 2017
W4CN is #698 out of 2,964 entries at ARRL!
W4CN is #9 in KY out of 38 KY entries!
W4CN is #134 in Category 2A out of 389 entries!
SCORE - 2,522
QSO's - 651
Participants - 13


November Happenings at A.R.T.S.


In November the Repeater Squelch Tail changed from 300ms to 750ms so users can hear that it is working.

October Happenings at A.R.T.S.


Ted AI4LV and Bill KC4ZMZ making the W4CN Repeater change with John KB3QAT as observer. Click the photo to read about the change.

ARTS Club Sponsored Weekly Nets

There are several weekly ARTS Club nets we sponsor,  2 Meter Retiree, 2 Meter Club and a 2 Meter SSB. The purpose of these nets is primarily for amateurs to get to know one another better and by providing a forum for the exchange of information. These nets are open to all amateurs; you DO NOT have to be a member to check in. 


The weekly Retiree Net of the ARTS club is held every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.

The weekly Club Net of the ARTS club is held every Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. EDT / EST on our W4CN Club Repeater; 147.180 MHz + 600 KHz offset PL 79.7.
The weekly 2 Meter SSB (USB) net of the ARTS club is held every Thursday night at 9:05 p.m. EDT / EST on 144.205 MHz USB.
 Net Control Operator 
 Net Control Operator 
 Net Control Operator 
 January  17  K4QFE       Bill    January  18    W4DFR     Dave  January  18   KF4EFI       Alan
 January  24  K4QFE       Bill     January  25    WX8V        Greg  January  25   WX8V        Greg
 January  3K4QFE       Bill    February 01   KC4ZMZ     Bill  February 01  KC4ZMZ     Bill
 February 07  K4QFE       Bill    February 04   KF4EFI       Alan  February 04   KF4EFI      Alan


Up Coming 2018 Events

January 12 Meeting was a SNOW DAY!

See you at the Winter Field Day and at the February Meeting

Winter Field Day
January 27 & 28, 2018
Fairdale Station Two

Join us on February 9 at 7:30

for our second monthly meeting of 2018 

McMahan Fire Department, 4318 Taylorsville Road